What i hope happens, not what will happen.

Chris - Hello and welcome to total drama 5 Im Chris McLain and here is our first of 5 teams Team Hero!!!
Team Hero: Trent, Gwen, Mike, Zoey, LaShawna and Cameron!

Team Devil: Scott, Heather, Duncan, Jo, Alejandro, Courtney.

Team Star (fan favorites) Dawn, Noah, Cody, Dakota, Sam and Lindsay

Team Wild Card: (could do anything) Katie, Sadie, Izzy, Justin, B, Owen

Team Losers; Eziekiel, Staci, Eva Bridgette, Geoff Tyler

Eva; Team loser, your dead McLain
Chris: Each team has a reason for the name
Izzy: I'm a WILD card hahahahahahahahahaha
Eva: Maybe for her, but when i win you will see.
Chris; Sure, sure.
Eva: - take out a mic and throws it on the ground and it hits Chris I n the groin. - forget this!!!!
Chris; Where did she get that!
Staci: yaaa my great aunt Susan invented microphones, before her, Eva actually had to punch guys in the groin
Noah: Sure.....
Chris: I need a break, dawn get everyone to the cabins
Dawn: how am I supposed to
Chris leaves
Everyone stares at dawn
Chef enters
Chef: Boys cabin follow that path, girls, across the lake, you have to canoe
Cut to girls on the canoes, they spot the cabin.
Zoey: That's a cabin? Looks more like a mansion!
Dawn: With a great view of the lake and the forest!
Courtney: and a beach!
Gwen: And that's some thing I can get used to!
Girls cheer
Heather: I don't know.... Something seems off....
Cut to boys hiking
Cody: I think I see it!
Duncan: It's bigger then the state penitentiary!
Noah: Calm down, it's probably full of mutant beavers!
Scott: Or sharks!
Duncan: Buzzkill
Cut to boys inside mansion exploring and chatting.
Cody: there's enough rooms for each to have two!
Owen: Hey the doors have names on them!
Scott: Found mine!
Noah: Why does this door say "Eva"
Duncan: Here's heather and dawns names!
Girls enter
Everyone: What are you doing here!!!
Leshawna: This is our cabin!
Sam: But I already installed all my consoles!
Dakota: Boys steal dakotas cabin! Dakota Destroy boys!!!
Chris enter
Chris: Because a certain little queen of the lawyers threatened to sue, you each get you own rooms, but must share a cabin, and two bathrooms.
Gwen: girls get one, boys get one, right?
Chris: Actually the queen of the lawyers wouldn't share a bathroom with Owen, so Owen gets his own.
Courtney: That isn't what I meant!!!!!!!
Owen: What's so bad about sharing a bathroom with me?
Gwen: Heather has stunk ever since she was locked in the confession in the finals in season 1.
Staci: My 3rd cousin Rolf invented confessionals before
Noah: Just shut up!
Staci: Harsh
Chris ok so the last team to have members not in their room loses a member! Go!
Cut to dawn pointing her team into their rooms then bolting off.
Confessional: scott: I need allies or I'm out as soon as the merge happens, maybe dawn would work, or Alehandro.
In mansion
Scott walks up to dawn
Scott: Hey you aren't still mad about
Dawn punches him in the face and enters her room
Chris teams star has finished and team devil waiting on Scott and hero waiting on Cameron
Eva is shown entering her room, as are Scott and Cameron
Chris: It's down to wild cards waiting on Owen and izzy and losers on Ezekiel
Izzy is carrying Owen and throws him into his room then gets into her room. Teams loser glares at Ezekiel
Elimination ceremony on a dock with a large cannon.
Chris: Votes are in and the first marshmallow goes to.... Eva
Eva: Darn right it does
Chris:Also safe are Bridgette Geoff and Tyler
They cheer
Chris: staci or ezikiel who's in who's out
Chris....... Ezekiel is out
Ezekiel: So what ya gonna put me though now eh
Scene change to Ezekiel in a cannon
Chris this is what I'm putting you though
Cannon fires launching Ezekiel far away.
Will team loser lose another member tomorrow
What injuies will they sustain first
Find next time on total drama 5!!