This episode seems short, because the race would be fairly long and so would the montage of care building so.. yea.
Loser: Tyler, Eva , Bridgette
Devil: Duncan, Jo, Scott, heather Alehandro
Star: Dakota, Sam , dawn, Noah Cody, Lindsay
Wild card: Owen izzy Katie Sadie justin B
Hero: Mike Zoey Gwen Trent leshawna Cameron
In the morning:
Chris: Up at at'em morning glories
Dawn: What I have just about enough of the - censored - wake up calls!!! Just one time we sleep till 7 just one time!!!!!!!
Everyone stares at dawn
Dawn: was that out loud
Sadie nods
Chris: ok now that that happened
It's drag race day, whoever has the fastest car wins!!! Whoever wins gets a player, whoever loses loses two players
Everyone gasps the heads outside and gets to work.
Insert a montage of the teams working.
All the racers are lined up
Chris - go go go
Dawns car starts first and speeds ahead, but is caught by Bridgette in the losers care, B is far behind and his car breaks down, the mechanic, Justin can't fix it.
Chris: losers win and get Anne Maria
Team losers cheer and Anne Maria strolls over
Chris: and the wild card deck loses two tonight.
Elimination ceremony
Ok first three safe are Katie, Sadie and Owen
They get there marshmallows, Katie and Sadie sqeel
B, Izzy, or Justin who is the last safe?
A cage helicopter decends on the dock and drops a cage taking away all three of them.
Chris: Izzy was safe but, she got taken away so you guys have three members left!
DJ climbs onto the dock
DJ Chris, the bus missed me
Chris: team wild card, meet your new teammate!
Chris: how many people will get injured next tome on total drama 5