Teams: hero: Trent, Gwen mike zoey LaShawna and Cameron
Devil: Heather scott Duncan Jo Alehandro Courtney
Star: dawn Dakota Noah Cody Sam Lindsay
Wild Card: izzy Owen Katie sadie Justin b
Loser: Tyler Bridgette Geoff Eva Staci

Loud bell ring
Chef breakfast
Dawn walks downstairs first an is given a plate of bacon
Dawn; I'm a vegan I can't eat this
Chef growls
Dawn takes the plate and replaces the bacon with pancakes.
Izzy walks In from outside wearing a fur cape
Dawn gasps in horror.
Izzy: What it was just a bloodthirsty bear RAWR hahahahahahahahahaha
Dawn: All life has value, even a bear
Izzy: BACON!!!!!
Dawn looks unimpressed
Zoey and mike walk down the stairs gazing into each others eyes
Jo and Eva race downstairs and knock over zoey and mike, Eva pushes dawn out of her chair
Dawn: And I thought Jo and brick where bad
Gwen and courtney have a screaming match a Sadie and Katie follow them but fall down the stairs and knock over Gwen and Courtney. Everyone else arrives.
Confessional Katie and Sadie
Katie: We are so exited to be back, and it's great to meet the new cast members
Sadie: Plus our rooms are right next to each other so we cut a hole in the wall so we can always talk
Katie: We did?
Sadie: I did
Katie: your so nice
Sadie: no your so nice
Both: eeeeeeeeeeeeek
Back in dining room
Dawn and Gwen are talking then Scott comes over an they stop.
Scott: Mind if I sit down?
Dawn: Yes
Gwen: No
Scott sits down and dawn moans
Gwen: What's up with you
Dawn: He got me cut!
Scott: You almost got me cut!
Gwen: Aww so cute!
Both glare at Gwen
Gwen: Or not.....
Chris: each teams choose one member
Dawn: Me!
Eva:I got this
Scott glares at dawn the stands up
Mike gets up
Katie hops up
Chris: you 5 are now models in the ultimate total drama runway!
Katie and dawn look happy, while mike looks confused, and Scott and Eva looks nervous
Chris: Meet at here in 3 minutes
3 minutes later
Dawn is in a high fashion gown, Eva is dressed normally, Scott is dirty and injured but dressed normal, Katie is in a pink princess gown with her hair down and mike is in a fancy tux.
Chris: ok, so the winning team keeps the outfit and the winner is.... Katie and team wild card
Team wild card cheers
The loser is team loser, as Eva didn't change.
Team loser looks disappointed
Elimination ceremony
Ok once again team loser has lost, the first person saved is.... Tyler, also Bridgette and Geoff.
Two votes staci two votes Eva one vote Geoff.
Geoff: Who voted me?
Eva: You told me not to change dirtbag!
Staci: yaaaa being a dirbag was invited by my great great
Eva pushes staci
Chris Ok whoever can avoid capture by chef longest will
Staci- yaa my great granma ethle taught me how to win a tiebreaker, you just
Chris: that's it get in the cannon
Staci: What
Staci gets in the cannon and is launched
Chris: Who will be out next?
And will team loser ever not lose?
Find out next time on total drama 5