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Total drama revenge of the action

Chris: welcome to the 5th season of total drama. This year we have Heroes vs Villains in the movie lot from tda with 12 contestants Zoey Mike Sam Scott B Brick Lightning Dakota Cameron

Anne Marie Jo and Dawn. Scott will be on a treadmil while he heals. While Alejandro has healed and he was taken out of the drama machine. I wouldn't let staci

compete because she is so annoying. Here comes the contestants now. Hi girls and guys. The heroes are Cameron Zoey Mike Brick Sam Dawn and B. The villains

Lightning Scott Jo Anne Marie and Dakota. The 1st challenge the villains are robbing this bank

heros you have to put all the villains in jail before they steal all the money. go Lightning: (gets some money out of the bank but gets arrested by B) Dawn: (arrests Dakota) Anne Marie: (almost get the rest of the money but stops to put on hair spray while jo gets arested by brick then gets arrested by cameron ) Chris: heroes win Chris: time for our elimation ceramony if you get a guilded chris award your safe scott jo lightning the final one goes to dundun dakota anne marie walk the walk of shame and get in the lameosine