Devil: Jo, Alehandro, Scott Duncan
Loser: Eva, Tyler, Bridgette, Anne Maria
Hero:Zoey Gwen trent mike leshawna cameron
Star: Sam dawn Dakota Noah Cody Lindsay
Wild card: Katie Sadie Owen DJ

Dawn is at breakfast, talking to her team and a small bird.
Dawn: Really? Ok I'll tell them!
Noah; What!
Dawn; My little friend says team loser is going for us!
Lindsay: You mean Annie Brodgie Ava and Tyler?
Dawn: it's Anne maria Bridgette and eva!
Lindsay: I thought Tyler was on that team!
Cody: She didnt say Tyler cause you knew his name!
Noah: Just forget it
Lindsay: forget what?
Noah: Exactly
Scott walks over
Scott: Hi dawn
Dawn: Get lost
Scott: What, why!
Dawn: We where using your team to cut heather
Scott: Huh but..
Noah: It was all lie
Dawn: Revenge is sweet!
Confessional Scott: She got me! How could I not have seen it! She wanted revenge! Heathers elimination was a bonus for her! I was the real aim!
Confessional Dawn: Of course I don't lie Scott! He is the reason there are still mistreated mutants on wawanaqua! Maybe I didn't need to be that coldhearted. And I guess I feel a little bad!
Scott is sitting in the hallway, obviously upset. Sadie walks over.
Sadie: Hi Scott, what's up?
Scott: Dawn used me to get rid of heather!
Sadie: You used her to cut Dakota and B
Scott: I didn't toy with her feelings!
Sadie: Did you!
Scott: What?
Sadie is gone
A nearby hall Dawn is meditating, Sadie walks by
Sadie: Hi dawn!
Dawn: Hi
Sadie: You really seem to have upset scott.
Dawn; I could have won if not for him!
Sadie: Maybe, but do you really wanna live in the past?
Dawn: Your soul shows much intent and hope with this conversation, what do you wish to say here.
Sadie: Dont analyze me!
Zoey walks by
Sadie: Zoey! Dawn meanly manipulated Scott and broke his heart, what should she do?
Zoey:Nothing He deserves it!
Sadie: Wrong answer
Trent walks by
Sadie: Trent!
Trent: Wherea Katie
Sadie: With DJ
Trent: What
Sadie: Forget it, dawn broke scott's heart, what should she do!
Trent: Apologize
Sadie: Wrong, I mean Right! see dawn
Sadie looks and dawn is gone.
Trent: Well bye!
Zoey: See ya around!

Chris over com: everyone meet in the cafeteria for the challenge
Everyone in the cafeteria
Chris: Each team choose a member
Sadie: Me
Eva: Got this
Duncan: Duh
Zoey: I'll go!
Cody; Me!!!
Chris: You 5 are going to avoid capture by chef! Winner chooses loser!
Chris; Go
Duncan is shot on the way out,
Sadie and Cody are caught just outside the door.
Eva: Watch out!
Zoey: Huh?
Eva duck under a shot and it hits zoey.
Eva: I decide the stars lose a member
Team star: awww
Elimination Ceremony
Chris: Voted are in! Dawn is in, so is Sam, Noah and Cody!
Lindsay and Dakota, who's out.......
Lindsay and dakota look nervous
Chris inhales
Sam: Wait!!! I quit, I would rather have Dakota in!
Chris: ok then into the cannon!
Sam is launched and Dakota is crying. As she cries she turns back to normal, her hair is still green.
Chris: See if dakota will remain human, and if Scott will still be hung up on dawn on TOTAL DRAMA 5!!!!!!