Teams: Devil: Jo Alehandro Duncan
Hero: Zoey Gwen Mike Leshawna Trent
Loser: Dawn Scott Anne Maria Tyler Bridgette Eva
Wild card: Katie Sadie Owen DJ
Star: Dakota Noah Cody Lindsay

Mike and zoey are talking
Mike: I think I remember something from my childhood, a sixth personality, I dont know what the trigger was.
Zoey: It's Gone right?
Mike: I don't know, gotta call my mom
Zoey: You have a phone?
Mike: Not so loud
Sadie: A phone
Mike: Shhh!!!
Sadie: kk
Katie a phone!
Mike: No...
Katie: ok
Katie and Sadie walk away.
Mike calls his mom
Mike: mom is the a number 6
Mom talks
Mike: Blade? Got her from dad?
Mom talks
Mike: Bye mom!
Zoey: Ok what?
Mike: My dad had two personalities, himself and blade, a female commando whom he served with in a war.
Zoey: Huh?
Mike: I inherited her, so did my sister
Zoey: What's the trigger
Mike: Me being violent
Zoey: That should be easy
Nearby Scott and dawn are talking
Scott: So Scott still has mpd?
Dawn; Yes but you don't wanna release blade, I sense she is dangerous.
Scott: And his others wherent
Dawn: Not compared to blade.
Scott: Ok so what's now
Dawn: Stroll in the woods?
Scott: Sound great!
Dawn and Scott exit
Chris: Today's challenge is the noodle wars, for team hero mike, for losers Dawn, For devils Jo, For wild cards: DJ and stars send Cody
Cut to the 5 on a large pad with pool noodles.
Chris: GO!
Jo hits mike and he breaths in and changes to blade
Dawn zoey and scott: No!!!!
Blade: Lets dance sugar
Jo: Eh?
Blade knocks Jo off the pad area, then Cody and DJ.
Blade: Save the easiest for last
Dawn drops her noodle and blade chases her in circles as she runs
Blade turns back to mike and Dawn pushes him out of the ring.
Zoey and Scott beathe a sigh of relief
Chris: The worst team was Jo and the devils
Elimination ceremony
Ok: Jo is safe and so is Duncan
Alehandro: What!
Alehandro is launched
Chris: Who is out next who will find out about blade next on Total drama 5