Teams: Losers : Anne Maria Eva Bridgette Tyler
Heroes: Mike Leshawna Zoey Cameron Gwen Trent
Star: Dawn Noah Cody Dakota Lindsay
Wild Cards: DJ Owen Sadie katie
Devils: Jo Scott Alejandro Duncan

Dawn is walking to breakfast and she runs into Scott.
Dawn: Oh hi.....
Scott ignores her
Dawn: I think we need to talk
Scott: Fine what
Dawn: I'm sorry for tricking you, Sadie really got me thinking and, well it's not the kind of person I want to be.
Scott: I'm sorry too
Dawn:For what?
Scott: Tricking you last season
Sadie peeks out from behind a corner, crying.
Sadie: That was the happiest most beautiful moment I have ever seen!
Dawn: How long where you watching?
Katie walk out from behind another corner
Katie: The whole time!
Sadie: Aren't they so sweet
Katie: Totally
Sadie: Totally
Both: eeeeeeeeeeeeek
Scott: can you leave
Sadie: They want alone time, how sweet?
Katie: So sweet!!!!
The two girls run down the hall squealing.

COnfessional Dawn: As if i would actually aplogize for using him. Usually i dont hurt people, no matter what, but this is a special case. Ill string his butt along for all he is worth!
Scott: So after this whole total drama thing is done do you wanna grab a bite to eat or something.
Dawn: Maybe a nature hike afterwards
Alejandro is revealed to to peeking around the corner smiling
Confessional Alejandro: I know dawn got heather cut, so I get Scott booted and have my revenge!!!!
Confessional Scott: I think Alehandro will try to get me booted, to get back at dawn, but I know the losing team and the winning team swap players today, all I gotta do is toss the challenge!

Chris: teams race in a canoe across the lake, first and last give members to second place team!
Before Chris is finished team star is in a canoe, and Scott is tossing the challenge
Team loser fall into second place, even though Eva is the only rower
Dawn hops on the exchange for first place, and team loser gets in second, officially sending dawn off to them. Heroes in third and
wild card in forth, Devils lose Scott to team losers.
Chris: Did I mention third place votes off a player?
Heroes moan
Elimination ceremony
Chris: ok the votes are in, our first hero in is...
Cameron: Wait!!!!
Chris: What!
Cameron: I already won, so I'll quit and let my friends continue
Chris: You sure, a million can't hurt.
Cameron: I'm sure
Mike: Noble move Cam
Zoey: Good luck cam!
Cameron (in cannon) Bye!!!!!!
Chris: Will dawn and Scott not kill each other on the same team, will Katie and Sadie keep playing matchmakers? Find out on total drama 5!!!!!