Mei and Fei
 Names: Mei and Lei Hasimoto


Hometown:Tokeyo, Japan (Mei(Blue Shirt) lives in New York, New York currently and Lei (Skanky Outfit) lives in LA!)

Height: 5'7 (Same size)

Weight: Mei:100 Lbs Lei:110 Lbs

Mei's Personality: She a fairly boring and normal girl. She was kept in Japan untill she graduated at age 16. She is not only trying to prove a thing for asian models, but also for smart girls. She is a high school teached who models on the side.

Lei's Personality: Bold and Flashy and self interested, she currently works as a hooker outside a popular LA hotel. Her flexibility is a model edge. She was thrown out at the age of 14 and got tranportation to the U.S. as a mail order bride. There she evaded her "Husband" and got to Vegas, and Ironicly, put herself back on the block. Being sold off so many times makes her crave control of her own life. She plans to use modeling to do this.

The two reunited as attempt to become a modeling powerhouse.