This artical is a list of things that may happen during total drama season 5:

If it is new cast only, then there will be new additions, as well as B likely not competing.

The final 3 will possibly Dawn, Mike and Courtney, as they are the biggest fan favorites. Duncan will pass final 6 at least.

It might be on the total drama action set.

A hero will win.

The final 2 might both be girl.

Either Mike or Zoey will get out early, revealing the worse in the other.

Possible couples: B Dawn and Scott ( Love triangle) or either side, Mike Zoey and Trent (Unlikely but possible love triangle) Katie, Sadie and Trent (One sided, Katie and Sadie's side) Trent and Courtney, Katie and Dj, Jo and Brick ( Fairly unlikely) Dawn and Dj, Trent and Gwen (I hope), Courtney and Duncan (Most of the total drama fanbase hopes)

Rivalries - Dawn and Scott ( Possible Love Hate like TDWT alehandro and heather), Zoey and Scott (Continued), Everyone but Heather Courtney and Lindsay and Alehandro, Lightning and Cameron, Lightening and Dj (Perfectly opposite personality, but physically similar) Lightning and Jo, Cameron and Jo, Everyone but Izzy and owen, and Staci

Likely Break Ups - Gwen and Duncan (50-50, Romantic) Katie and Sadie (10-90, Friendship) Zoey and mike (1-99, Romantic), Duncan and Geoff (30-70, Friendship)

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