Name: Emily Johnson

Age: 18

Location: Toronto, Canada

Sterotype: Obnoxious dumb girl

Personality: See "What makes her unique"

Short Bio: She has been a middle class white girl since she can remember. last tuesday.

Sexuality:Pansexual. Shes attracted to pans.

Relationships:Shes seeing a pan named darrel, but shes chaeting on him with a kettle named ryan

Likes: Pans, Cheese, Murder

Dislikes:Everything else

Height/Weight: 5'9/140

Ethnicity: VERY white

Why TDINTM: Because she said so. >:(

What makes her unique: Well, shes like really annoying, but like not in a bitchy way, more in a canadian way. Shes also really stupid, i mean like, REATRDED! Her legs are thicker then her waist, but she thinks she really hot, and she tends to get lost in small rooms. She pukes at the sight of blood and cat nip. She has MAJOR anger problems, but shes really too stupid to do anything but put cheese in their bed.